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Java Training in Chandigarh–SkillSure College

The idea of introducing SkillSure College's JAVA training in Chandigarh was to start an initiative where all aspirants who desire to be a JAVA developer can get chance to learn JAVA with latest tools and under the guidance of professionals from the industry.  We aim to enhance their skills so that they can hold a promising future and a successful career in the IT industry.

SkillSure College follows stiff-necked hiring policy while choosing faculty with us, we have employed Industry experts as mentors who will train students as per the Industry's latest technology, followed trends and practices. Our prime focus is on practical implementation and practice assignments along with making students understand the theoretical concepts of the Java programming language. We make sure every student get exposure to latest tools & practice on LIVE projects. We render what you exactly need to be a proficient Java developer, this makes us enlisted in Best JAVA training institutes in Chandigarh.

The aim of our faculty is to prepare every student; enrolled with us to beat the toughest of the corporate culture competition. Our Java course in Chandigarh comprises of complete knowledge of Core Java & Advanced Java with 100% job assurance. We have placed our students in many IT corporate in India and even abroad, our endeavor for getting our students a good job has paid off really well because of our professional tie-up with various IT companies.

Introduction - Java Training

Dreaming of being a JAVA developer? Enrolling with the good JAVA training Institute in Chandigarh can let your dream come to true. With the intensifying influence of web-powered and mobile operated applications, Java today is considered as the prime option for most networked applications to be developed. Java has achieved gigantic fame since its inception in the industry. Due to its easy programming characteristics, it has been widely accepted and gained substantial growth. The golden feature that made this language the most favored one is that you can run a program wherever & forever after writing it once in JAVA.

Java programming skill is the most imperious profile in the IT industry when it comes to discussion about product development.  However, technology demands adequate skilled training and clear concepts in order to understand the deliver the desired results when working on client requirements.  Apparently, there is a great demand for certified JAVA professionals in the development field.

Who Created Java?

In the early 90s, a team led by James Gosling for Sun Microsystems, a company now owned by Oracle, created Java, which originally went by the name Oak and then Green.

Java was originally designed for use on digital mobile devices, such as mobile phones. However, when Java 1.0 was released to the public in 1996, its main focus had shifted to use on the internet, providing user interactivity by giving developers a way to create animated web pages.

Since version 1.0, however, there have been many updates, such as J2SE 1.3 in 2000, J2SE 5.0 in 2004, Java SE 8 in 2014, and Java SE 10 in 2018.

Why Choose Java?

Java was designed with a few key principles in mind:

  • Ease of Use: Java's fundamentals came from a programming language called C++. Although C++ is a powerful language, it is complex in its syntax and inadequate for some of the Java requirements. Java built on and improved C++ ideas to provide a powerful and easy-to-use programming language.
  • Reliability: Java needed to reduce the likelihood of fatal errors due to programmer errors. With this in mind, object-oriented programming has been introduced. When data and manipulation were packaged together in one place, Java was robust.
  • Security: Because Java originally targeted mobile devices that would exchange data over networks, it was built to include a high level of security. Java is probably the secure programming language to date.
  • Platform Independence: Programs need to work regardless of the machines they're running on. Java has been written to be a portable and cross-platform language that doesn't care about the operating system, hardware, or devices it runs on.

At SkillSure College we understand the importance of JAVA language thus has introduced the most comprehensive JAVA course in Chandigarh that will help students to attain expertise in JAVA programming before completion of their training with us.

Why Join SkillSure College

Anyone can become a JAVA developer, having a technical background such as B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA or any other graduation with computers as one of the subjects will be an added advantage to you.  A powerful foundation of Java programming is attained at the beginning of the course. You learn and practice to develop an in-depth knowledge of programming in the language. Eventually, the concepts of Syntax, Operators, Conditional and Control Statements become easier to understand. And then, you get to move towards collections of frameworks, programming threads, file handling, and other advanced Java training levels.

Here are a few highlighted features of our Java training course in Chandigarh at SkillSure College:

  • Java training from industry professionals.
  • Training on LIVE projects.
  • Flexible class schedule.
  • Get the benefit of Demo Class.
  • 100% job placement.
  • Support for the job interview.
  • Support for a start-up.
  • Exposure to the core & advanced Java.
  • A certified training course.

On the path to Java training in Chandigarh with SkillSure College, your learning will not just restrain to theoretical knowledge and practical training but you will learn how to survive in actual employment. Our training will work as a bridge between your idea of the corporate job and real-time employment challenges that could bother you when on the job. You may even contact our alumni to know why SkillSure College is known to be the best Java training Institute in Chandigarh.

Syllabus - Java Training Course at SkillSure College

SkillSure College is offering a Certificate course in Java training in Chandigarh with top-notch facilities and qualified professionals. You can learn the detailed application of Java in Web and Mobile platforms. The training also aligns with your ability to develop advanced Android Applications.

The following check out the Java training course topic/subject wise that you will learn if enroll with SkillSure College's Java training institute in Chandigarh.

Course Duration : 4-6 MonthsPre-requisites: 10+2 or equivalent

Module 1

Core Java

  • Introduction to Java
  • Introduction to Desktop Application
  • What is JDK, JRE and JVM
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Unicode system & naming conventions
  • Loops & control structure
  • OOPS Concept
    • Intro to oops
    • Objects, classes & methods
    • Polymorphism
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    • Method overriding & overloading
    • Abstract classes & Interface
    • Static and dynamic binding
    • Package & Access modifier
  • Exception Handling
    • Exception handling with try and catch block
    • Nested try
    • Exception propagation
    • Exception handling with method overriding
  • String Classes & Methods
  • Nested Classes & Interface
  • Multithreading Concept
    • Lifecycle of a thread
    • Create, schedule, sleep, join, pool & group thread
    • Daemon thread & garbage collection
  • Input & Output
    • File input & output stream
    • Sequence, buffer input stream
    • Reading and writing data simultaneously
    • Print stream and write stream
  • Synchronization method
  • Serialization & Deserialization
  • AWT & Event Handling
    • AWT Controls
    • Event Classes and Listener Interface
    • Adapter Classes
  • Swings
    • Basics of swings
    • Form element like JButton, JTextArea, JComboBox, JRadioButton, JTable, JcolorChooser, jProgressBar Classes etc.
    • Graphics, dialog box and notepad
    • Border, grid and box layout

Module 2

Advanced Java

  • Applets
    • Lifecycle of applet
    • Graphics & animation
    • Event Handling
  • JDBC
    • Introduction to JDBC
    • JDBC drivers
    • Connect with databases Oracle & mySql
    • Create, update, delete & select the data from database
    • Connection, Statement and ResultSet interface
    • Data transaction management
    • Batch processing
  • Collection
    • Arraylist, linkedlist, treemap, hashtable classes
    • ListIterator & Map interface
    • Collection framework
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery

Module 3

live project

  • Live project building
  • Publishing of project
  • Interview tips with resume building
  • Job assistance
We, at SkillSure College, create a nourishing environment for every student who comes to get trained. Our training method involves a lot of implementation and practice. Every student attains helpful assistance from our skilled trainers, which increases coding efficiency and your ability to innovate in a flexible manner. We have every professional expertise you require in order to obtain high-quality training in Java. The certificate leads to great career opportunities in any way you prefer. Get yourself enrolled with Java training in Chandigarh at SkillSure College. Contact to know about the admission procedure or the syllabus of our course!
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