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Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh

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Computer Course in Chandigarh - SkillSure College is an ISO Certified Institute that provides Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh. It is the best institute to learn basic to an advanced computer course. Our trainers are more than 8 years of experience in this field. Join our masterclasses and become a professional in the computer course. It gets better - once you complete the course, we can help to place with top It Companies.

Our institute offers a wide range of new career options for job seekers and students. SkillSure College is one of the best training institutes for a computer course in Chandigarh Sec 34.

Computer knowledge for every person is important in the 21 century. The computer is now becoming a need for both government and private sector businesses to maintain their information secure on the computer software. The number of computer courses is available which can help make a career in the public or private sector. After 10th or 12th, everyone wants to learn basic computer course. But it is difficult to choose the best computer course for career, we can help to guide you to choose top IT Courses which are trending in the 21th century. Which can also help to increase salary package.

Syllabus of Computer Course includes

1. Basic fundamental of computer
2. Introduction to Window
3. DOS Command
4. (MS-Word) Word Processing
5. (MS-Excel) Spreadsheet
6. (MS-PowerPoint) Presentation Making
7. Computer Communication and Internet
8. WWW and Web Browser
9. Electronic mail (E-mail)
10. Social Networking and more

Fundamental of Computer

What is computer?
The computer is an electronic device that operates under the control of instructions stored in its own memory. Important parts of computer is CPU (Central Processing Unit), Motherboard, Memory (RAM), Hard drive etc.

Type of Computer
Basically 4 type of computers
1. Super Computer - That can process millions or billions of instructions in a second and solve complex calculations.
2. Mainframe computer - Large in size, high-powered computer
3. Mini Computer - That can support multiple user at once
4. Micro Computer - Basic computer for personal use like PC, or a device based on a single-chip microprocessor.

Benefits of our Computer Course

1. ISO Certified institute certification
2. Masterclasses from Industrial Experts
2. Skill development with practical training
3. Learn the updated tips and tricks
4. Affordable fees structure and a wide range of syllabus
5. 100% Job placement assurance
6. Interview preparation

Course Duration : 4-6 MonthsPre-requisites: 10+2 or equivalent

Module 1

  • Basic fundamental of computer
  • Introduction to Window
  • DOS Command
  • (MS-Word) Word Processing
  • (MS-Excel) Spreadsheet
  • (MS-PowerPoint) Presentation Making
  • Computer Communication and Internet
  • WWW and Web Browser
  • Electronic mail (E-mail)
  • Social Networking and more

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